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16 Rules Everyone Should Live By

We all want to leave a good impression and show good manners in public and in front of the ones we love and care for. Sometimes, small acts make a huge difference and are able to significantly ease everyday life.
Therefore, …

Husband Wanted

One day, the loneliness of a 70-year-old widow made her put an ad in the local newspaper that she wanted to marry again. It read:
“Husband wanted! Must be in my age group, must not beat me, must not run around …

Couples Who Argue And Fight Love Each Other More

All relationships suffer ups and downs, and whoever says it is not supposed to be like that, is simply not objective.
At the beginnings, sure, it is quite normal to have rainbows and bunnies, firsts and cute moments you’ll remember forever, …

4 Secrets To A Happy Marriage

Married life is not as easy as a relationship, but relationship experts suggest that if you follow these four basic rules you will never have any doubts about your marriage again:

Kindness is the key

Words can come out of your mouth …

25 Awesome Tips for a Beautiful Life

Take a walk every day, and smile. This is your natural antidepressant.
Have a 10-minute break every day. In silence, of course.
Pray in the morning to ask God’s guidance for your day.
Eat food that grows on treas and plants, and stay …

Pick A Key To Discover Your True Personality!

Even though it is not scientifically based, this quiz provides surprising effects!
Here is what you need to do:
Just choose a key from the options below, and it will depict your personality, according to the secrets in your subconscious. Scroll down …