Only 1 In 20 People Can Spot The Baby In This Picture. Can You?

You surely have already tried many of the brain teasers and optical illusions on the Internet, and this one is very popular these days. Can you spot the baby hidden in the picture below?

There is a couple looking at a calm lake in the picture, and even though they seem alone, there is a hidden baby, and only a few people are able to spot it.

Start thinking outside the box. It is in a fetus position like it is still in the womb. It is also much larger than the couple in size. Did you manage to see it?

If you still need additional help, zero in on the trees with strange shapes, as they form the body of the infant. Look at the area above the heads of the partners, and then look to the right.

The feet of the baby are formed by the misshapen tree trunk. See?

If you still haven’t managed to recognize the shape of the baby in the picture, here is the solution, and the baby is outlined in red:



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