10 Things People With Anxiety Want You to Know and Do

Chronic anxiety is a serious disorder which severely affects everyday life. Anxious people constantly struggle with their anxiety attacks and find it especially hard when people around them just cannot understand what they are going through.

These are the things you need to know in order to help anxious people:

1.Show them that they are like you

You must be cautious, as anxious people should not feel weird. Instead, make them feel loved and strong, and show your care and compassion.

  1. Understand Them

You should not feel angry or annoyed, but show understanding for anxious people when they experience fear or stress, often in crowded places, when meeting someone new, etc. This will show that you support them completely.

  1. Don’t Question Their Anxiety

Even though you cannot accept it completely, do not tell someone that their behavior is exaggerated as you will worsen things. Just be patient and try to offer the help they need.

  1. Comfort Them

Panic attacks can be really terrifying, so you should be with the one who experiences it. Try to calm him/her down, and stay, persuade him/her to breathe deeply, and wait until it passes.

  1. Calm Them Down

An effective way to calm an anxious person down and lessen the anxiety is to try and focus on positive things, like your happy memories.

  1. Stick to Your Plans

Anxious people are planners, and hate surprises, so stick to your plans and inform them about as many details as possible, so they can prepare.

  1. Pay Attention

Be extra attentive and you will notice what triggers panic attacks on your loved one, so you can successfully calm the next attack or even prevent it. The first signs include shaky legs or hands, uneven breathing, nervousness, or a flushed face.

  1. Activities to Ease Their Anxiety

You need to plan something peaceful when going out with your anxious friend or relative and avoid crowded and loud bars, festivals, or nightclubs. Instead, go on a walk in nature, try yoga, crafting, or painting.

  1. Check them often

To show your love and care, check on your loved ones with anxiety regularly, call them and visit them whenever you can, as it will mean a lot and help them not feel lonely.

  1. Help Them to Relax

There is no need that you plan some special day out, as you can just grab a coffee-to-go and lay in the grass and escape from the busy and noisy city center. This will be extremely relaxing and calming for both of you.

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