12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should Always Avoid!

There is not a thing more relevant than a good night’s sleep. Sleep can actually affect the quality of life you lead as well as influence your health.

Having known just how crucial your sleeping regime is, we would like you to learn the 12 mistakes you probably make before bedtime. Read on:

  1. Keep your feet warm before going to bed.

Cold feet lead to poor quality of sleep, so make sure to give them the right treatment before saying Good night.

  1. Poor bedtime routine

Establishing a solid bedtime habit is more than important. A simple brushing of your teeth or skincare regiment can improve your sleep tremendously.

  1. Steer clear of coffee at least 4 hours before going to sleep

Caffeine keeps the body awake which ultimately means you get less sleep and ore brain activity during the night, As a result, you’ll wake up tired and grumpy, and no one wants to see that.

  1. Find the perfect sleeping positions

As per experts, choosing the ideal sleeping position is essential if you want to get a solid dose of sleep. Make sure to sleep on your left side, as this is the most desirable position in which your body will be able to get some rest.

  1. No electronic devices near you

Before going to bed, make sure to keep your phone, tablet, laptop or lese as far from you as possible. This way, you are not distracted and your brain can rest properly.

  1. No books

As odd as it may sound, reading before going to bed can activate your brain and keep you alert even though you are sound asleep.

  1. Moderate alarm clock

Bright, flashing lights or hysterical sounds can disrupt the brain’s normal functioning and will lead to tiredness, shock of the body and improper waking up.

  1. Stay away from fluids

Make sure to take all of your fluids during the day, and go to the bathroom regularly, so you avoid getting up in the middle of the night and misbalancing your sleep.

  1. Avoid afternoon naps

Taking a nap in the afternoon gives the body a whole-night resting alert, when it is not the case. If you do need to rest, we recommend 10 minutes power-naps.

  1. Pick the right mattress

Expensive and high-quality mattresses are invented for a reason. While they may be a little bit pricey, they will make sure you never wake up exhausted again.

  1. Have your last meal 2 hours before going to bed

Having a full stomach before going to sleep will leave your restless as both the brain and digestive system are still actively working to process the food you have consumed.

  1. Don’t train 3 hours before going to sleep

Keep exercising for the daytime to avoid pumping adrenaline in your body that is bound to leave you with little or no sleep.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com


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