12 Laws of Motivation You Should Know. Now You Can Go For Everything You Ever Imagined

What is essential when it comes to motivating a person and truly getting the best out of him/her? Motivation can be a result of numerous factors, all intertwined together like a net of charms.

As motivated as we wish we could have been, there are certain ground rules and laws that define motivation. Below, find the top 12 guidelines on how to awake your motivation today:

  1. Why

The first place where you need to go is deep inside you, and question everything you though you knew. Who are you? Why do you want to be motivated? How to get there?

When you ask questions like these you have a bigger perspective and can act in a more realistic manner. Considering your options and being honest with yourself is the true form of getting motivated and keeping on the right path.

  1. Creating Goals

The next thing to do is to set your mind to think of all those goals you want achieved. Once you determine why you need to be motivated it is time to decide where to spend that energy. This will also help you stay on track and not lose focus on your endgame.

Goals were invested for a reason, and it is important you stay true to yourself every step of the way.

  1. You are your own best leader

Don’t take inspiration in others, but try to find it within yourself. You can be either your best friend or your own worst enemy. The ultimate decision is yours, but when it comes to staying motivated, nothing works quite like looking into yourself for answers.

By doing so, you’ll eliminate all negative thoughts and will make room for things to grow and prosper.

  1. Influence Awareness

You need to start recognizing the things which have the greater impact on you. Sometimes even the people closest t you can withhold you from getting things done, so taking the time to be your own person I extremely important.

Surround yourself with people who share a similar goal and who are also in the search for motivation.

Never let anything work against you, both directly or indirectly.

  1. Attitude

There is such thing as attitude and it is crucial you can maintain a healthy one. Keeping positive spirits and an upbeat mood will serve you immensely while trying to motivate yourself.

Make sure to keep you enthusiasm on a high level so you never yield under any pressure and forget all about your goals.

It is okay to be strict (but not mean) to yourself- this is the way to accept success, happiness and satisfaction.

  1. Slight Edge & the Compound Effect

The Slight Edge truly defines itself. It means that everything you do has to have a slight edge to it. This will further contribute to better results, enhanced motivation and willingness to do more.

One step at a time, and you’ll get there.

The Compound Effect explains how an action after action is not the same as two actions done at the same time. This could mean you need to stay focused and consistent, but once you get the hang of it, there’ll be no stopping you.

  1. Avoid Comparison

One of the worst things you can do for yourself is to begin comparing yourself to others. This is wrong on many levels- it takes away your motivation, it leaves you unsatisfied and ultimately, you begin to realize there is no way of being the same person as someone else.

The way you experience things and find joy in life doesn’t necessarily mean it should be exact as everyone else’s, so burdening yourself with this ‘issue’ can be more poisoning than you think. Stay true to yourself and your goals alone- this is the only way to reach greatness.

  1. Visualization

People act on emotions more often than necessary. This means that at times we let emotions get the best of us when it shouldn’t be the case. Keeping a clear perspective and an open mind is very important to keep your ducks in a row.

Be happy with what you have and always repeat your goals, just like mantras. Also remember- you can do it.

  1. Is time on your side or against you?

Time management is essential to get your goals in check. Using you time wisely and efficiently can bring more results in your favor. Don’t let yourself get consumed with time as a concept.

Although timeframes and timelines are important, they shouldn’t devastate you if something goes sideways. Remember, this is your life, your way and there’s always a new ‘tomorrow.’

“Suffer the pain of Self-Discipline or suffer the pain of regret.” – Jim Rohn

  1. Embrace the Journey & Have fun

Every little obstacle, every positive thing happening to you, every award and every loss are parts of the journey called life. It is completely humane to fail and try again, and as long as you have your eyes on the prize, everything will work out.

  1. Reward yourself

Make sure to tell yourself you did great when you managed to accomplish something. Self-criticism can act as poison, but constructive criticism and rewards for a job well done can work like a charm.

Again, your goals and your visions are entirely up to you so make sure to be thankful when you hit a milestone. You deserve it!

  1. Love yourself because your life depends on it.

Self-love should be taught from a very young age, but it is never too late to paper yourself every once in a while and feel good as a result By showing your body, your mind and your life a little love and appreciation, you will not only feel better, but perform better and want better for you and those around you.

Keep a high standard but do not get stressed of making mistakes. We’re all humans and that’s the beauty of the journey.

Motivation comes from the very human soul, so dig deeper and try to find what makes you feel good, what makes you willing to change for the better, what activates your cells to strive for more.

It is only when you’ve accepted yourself and have known yourself enough that you can go for everything you ever imagined.


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