There are 16 Circles in This Image and Most People Can’t Find The Circles Hiding In This Image. Can You?

The concept of perception piqued scientists’ interest for long, and they have studied it since the 19th century. This process of perceiving the reality around us can be too tricky and complex at times.

This is due to the fact that the judgment for the perceived stimuli is actually done by the brain, and not the organs of perception.

Scientists created simple illusions to reveal the way the brain perceives different patterns and shapes. They used the fact that the brain recognizes size using adjacent objects. These optical illusions use light, patterns, and color to create images and thus confuse the brain.

As soon as it was uploaded on the Internet, the picture below became popular. Some people see lines and some see boxes in it.

Yet, the reality is that there are 16 hidden circles in it, and most people can’t spot them since while the brain tries to interpret what the eyes see, the illusion creates a different image of the perceived one.

Hurry and try it out, and you might be one of those who are able to separate the fact from the illusion and find the hidden circles:

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