16 Gross Things All Women Do But Will Never Admit

Women may seem as the more fragile, gentle and sophisticated group when compared to men, but every now and then women, too, can come out of their shell and do something that totally blows every person’s mind.

As women, we tend to be mysterious and secretive, not giving up much about ourselves. But, under all layers, we women are quite like everyone else- curious and forever wondering about life.

This means that women behave in the same way that men do, but on a different level. Women can also adopt the same ‘nasty’ habits from men, and they aren’t even aware of it!

Humans often do certain habits that society labeled as ‘gross’ or ‘yucky,’ but hey, it is in our nature and there is not a single person that doesn’t do it.

Let’s have a look at the top 16 ugly habits women do as well:

Taking out bras from the laundry basket just because you are too lazy to put on a new one, or you simply don’t have the time to do it.

Analyzing used tampons and sanitary pads before throwing them out.

When out of pads, women tend to roll toilet paper and use it as a pad.

Throwing away your bra as soon as you come home. Oh, the freedom!

Women watch themselves cry in the mirror because they’re interested to see if they are an ugly crier or not.

Playing with and removing ingrown hair and pimples. Oddly satisfying!

Wondering around the house in same clothes for more than a day because, well, no one’s there to see it.

Collecting food that fall in your cleavage and eating it.

Leaving the light on at night, because, you never know what’s under the bed.

Keeping stained pants because you’ll need something to wear when your period comes.

Squeezing your breasts especially while moving around the house. Why? Just for the sake of it, I guess.

Leaving hair unwashed for days and using a dry shampoo instead.

Repeating dancing skills before you go out. Dance like no one’s watching is not a thing, apparently.

Picking your nose and burping more often than you need to.

Shaving your legs before you go out, and most often, only half way up. Sorry, not sorry!

Sniffing your jeans at the crotch or your blouses at the armpits to know how long they have before you need to wash them.

Source: happylifereport.com


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