30 Ways to Increase Your Overall Happiness

How can one talk of happiness, a term so subjective and so abstract, never once defined equally by everyone?

For people across the globe, different aspects can bring different kind of happiness, which is basically a state of mind and a state of perception.

However, in order for a person to be happy, one must begin from himself. Here are 30 ways in which you can achieve overall happiness.

  1. Appreciation

Regardless of what you have or don’t have, it is crucial that you count your blessings on daily basis and learn how to be grateful. Being appreciative will give your life room to grow, prosper and achieve more.

  1. Love

As cliché as it may sound, love is a driving force that connects us on a level inexplicable even by experts.  This means not to love just those close to you, but to truly be in love with the life you have, your surroundings and this beautiful world that has so much to offer.

  1. Money is not equal to happiness

Money is a difficult subject for people looking for happiness. Aside from the essential, like water, shelter, food and good health, money has something to with it, but not quite entirely.

Money comes and goes, therefore it is essential you don’t become its slave.

  1. Get things done

Being burdened with things you don’t necessarily need to occupy your mind with is totally absurd. Consequently, it is important that you find closure to each of your tasks and free your mind for a change. As difficult and as hard as they may sound, leading a full life with nothing truly bugging you is priceless.

Actually, a positive state of mind is irreplaceable.

  1. Be creative

Don’t live life as it is- instead, try to give it a little ‘pop’ of light and love and a dose of your own creative and youthful spirit. Remember, having fun and being fulfilled is what happiness is all about.

  1. Forgive

Being constantly mad at people will get you nowhere. In fact, by training your mind to forgive and forget is more than relevant for your own sake and well-being. Find a way to let go and to set your mind free from all judgment.

  1. Be yourself

Pretending to be someone else will never work. Instead, keep in mind that you are wonderfully unique and that is what makes you so great. Your values, principles, dos and don’ts are what make you an outstanding person, and the sooner you learn how to take pride in that, the better chance of happiness you’ll have.

  1. Surround yourself with happy people

There is a big truth in the claim that as long as you hang out with positive upbeat people, you will boost not only your mood but your overall conception of life.

Try and eliminate all negative vibes from your life and focus on what makes you personally happy and satisfied.

  1. Combine your passion with your work

The thing we miss in life is not life it is living. Being stuck in a job you don’t want will only provoke dissatisfaction in your life.

Take inspiration in other people and go for your dreams. Once you learn that what you love can be what you do for a living, there’ll be no stopping you.

  1. Positive reads and mantras

If you manage to expose yourself to only positive facts and information that will only restore your faith in this marvelous life, you will take yourself one step closer to happiness.

  1. Keep an open mind

The more you lose your judgment the better life you’ll lead. Seeking interest in things you never tried before of thought of as uninteresting can be more satisfactory to you than you’ll ever know.

  1. Enjoy others’ success

It is important to be happy for everything the people close to you are doing. Bringing them down or being jealous will get you nowhere, happiness included.

  1. Substitute negative thoughts with positive ones

Annihilate all sorts of negativity in your life. This means you have to ask for positive thoughts, activities and people that will allow you to become better and better as days go by.

  1. Improvement is key

Give yourself the room to learn something new or to make mistakes from which you’ll learn. Without making mistakes you could never be able to grow, or reach happiness.

  1. Understand that tough times don’t last tough people do.

Keep in mind that every difficult situation is a test, and you need to learn ways to push through the hard times and make room for something better.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Many of the emotions we hold inside, especially the negative ones, can be directly related to the way you eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“This food is good right now, there for I’m happy right now”.

Although some foods can bring satisfaction to your mind, this feeling is only temporary, and the next thing you know is you feeling unhappy once more.

By changing your lifestyle habits, your diet included, you’ll be able to give your body more energy, hence more positive ways to use that energy.

  1. Exercise

Many studies have confirmed that exercising is directly related to the feeling of happiness. Not only you’ll be able to get a great physique, you will also keep a positive attitude towards all things. Endorphins alert!

  1. Have fun

Don’t take life so seriously, and you will never have the reason to feel unhappy. Have fun and enjoy the moment.

  1. Live in the moment

Again, take a moment when it presents itself to you and use it to the best of your abilities.

Having dreams is just fine, but taking what you can get and making the most of it can also be quite enjoyable.

The memories you’ll make will last a lifetime and you will always have something amazing to look back to.

  1. Help others

Lend a helping hand whenever someone needs it- the feeling of being there for someone is certainly something worth experiencing!

  1. Don’t worry

Although we worry more than we actually need to, it is important to remember that not everything is black and white and that life has much more to offer. A wise person once said ‘If your problem has a solution, why worry about it? If your problem doesn’t have a solution, why worry about it?

Now, as difficult as it may sound to put this into practice, you can at least try and chase your worries away.

“10% of life is what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it” -- Charles R Swindoll

  1. Let music do the talking

Music is recommended by many experts as a great method for treating sorrow, sadness and unhappiness. Therefore, keep the volume up and the mind open!

  1. Watch less TV

Believe it or not, TV creates a sort of addiction that keeps you away from living your life. The less time you spend in front of your small screen, the greater chance of happiness you’ll receive.

  1. Smile

Nothing can quite do the trick like a simple smile. It is the fastest, cheapest and most demanded ‘blues’ remedy in the world. Now, let’s see them grins!

  1. Inflect everyone with happiness

Feeling happy means you have the chance to get other people to get happy as well. All it takes is a little positive spirit tight where it’s needed.

  1. Work Hard

Being a hardworking person means you not only love what you do, but you’re ready to take it to the next level. Your character, approach and overall values which you translate onto your work will speak volume about the happiness you carry inside.

  1. Simplify life

Do not overcomplicate things if there is no need for it. Stress and anxiety never worked for anyone.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours per day is a necessity that will enable your brain to not only work better in the morning, but feel better as well. Much of the happiness we search for lies in this seemingly ‘cheap’ trick.

  1. Have hobbies

Work may be work, but that does not mean you have to forget all your interests because of it. Having fun and doing what you secretly love is another outstanding way to get one step closer to happiness.

  1. Control your emotions

Emotions can, at times, get the best of us, but by finding way to think rational instead of bursting out you will be able to keep a sane perspective of both life and happiness.


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