40 Things Every Person Should Know By Age 40

Carl Jung was right: “Life really does begin at 40. Up until then, you are just doing research.”

A 40-year old would probably say that being forty is a lot of fun, a bit different than the previous decade, but it definitely has its own, distinctive flavor.

At this point of life, people have already gained the knowledge and experience needed to survive and enjoy life, have learned most valuable lessons, and have gotten the idea of “how the world works.”

Yet, we created a list of 40 things everyone ‘should’ know or should have done by age 40, and we believe you will find it fun and interesting. Read on:

Your social circle has become smaller, and that’s good for you!

You have been dreaming of traveling the world

It is absolutely great not to “have a plan”

A good night’s sleep is a paramount

You have had one really important relationship that ended badly and you needed some time to move on with life afterward

You have once tried some strange dish and you are now loving it

If you “had a few”, singing karaoke can be a blast

If sober, singing karaoke can trigger a panic attack

The sense of fashion is as important as the color of the toilet’s lid

Weekend benders are never a good idea

Your “career path” can have many forks in the road

Having a pet is a personal preference

You have fought for a bigger cause, by spending time, giving donations, etc.

You have already decided whether you are having children or not

The word ‘success” has changed its meaning

Intimacy is perfect when in love and in moderation

Having your own den is a real treasure!

Fatty foods bring immediate effects, negative, unfortunately!

You hate formal events

You live to the fullest, as you have accepted the inevitability of death

Sadly, you have experienced at least one tragedy

If you are not a sociable person, you will never become one

A good read is a real pleasure

Exercise is beneficial, but if you do not have this habit, you probably won’t start now

Younger people often ask for an advice

You either can dance, or do not dance at all

You either hate marijuana, or you occasionally enjoy it

You cannot tolerate other people’s bull****

You are absolutely fine when not invited to some party

You do not use 99% of the things you have learned in college

Only if you are passionate about something, you take the time to learn it

Hangovers are terrible and avoidable

Playing video games and computer games is still fun

The “Snooze” button is really good almost every single morning

You are grateful for everything you have in life

You love your robes, cardigans, and slippers

Arguments are pointless and a waste of time and energy

You talk on the phone with your family (most of the time) and your co-workers only

Incoming phone calls and emails irritate you

A night alone or with your partner is the best way to spend the time.

So, be honest, did you identify with most of these?

Source: justnaturallife.net


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