7 Hidden Causes Of Varicose Veins You Need To Know

Many people, especially women, are prone to varicose veins, which is the condition of enlarged veins that appear on the feet and legs.

Standing and walking increases the pressure in the veins, so the lower part of the body is more susceptible to varicose veins. They can be painful and uncomfortable, but they also look highly unattractive as well.

These are the 7 main causes of varicose veins:

  1. Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

Prolonged periods of sitting make the blood pool in the veins instead of being pumped around by the muscles, and this enlarges the veins and leads to varicose veins.

  1. Pregnancy

The amount of blood in the bodies of pregnant women is increased, and the amount of blood flowing from the legs to the pelvis is reduced, which leads to this condition.

  1. Lack Of Exercise

Lack of exercise is another cause of varicose veins, so you should exercise regularly in order to boost circulation, and strengthen the body.

  1. Certain Skin Care Routines

Varicose veins might also be caused by some skin care routines. For instance, if you cut yourself while shaving, you disrupt the normal blood circulation and add pressure to the veins. To boost circulation and moisturize the skin, always rub some effective lotion on the legs.

  1. Wearing High Heels

Even though walking prevents this condition, if you do it in high heels, you limit the range of the ankles and calves, and thus prevent the proper blood circulation.

  1. Crossing Your Legs

This habit changes the way the blood circulates in the body and it contributes to varicose veins.

  1. Sodium

Salty foods are high in sodium which leads to water retention. This adds pressure to the blood pressure and might cause enlarged veins.

Make sure you watch out the following video to find out how to treat varicose veins naturally:

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