What Alcohol Consumption Does to Your Brain

Most people enjoy an occasional drink, but we are often unaware of its consequences on our health, even in smallest amounts.

The government does not warn us about the adverse effects of the consumption of alcohol like it does in the case of illegal drugs and even a few grams of cannabis.

However, the truth is that alcohol can damage the body much more than marijuana. It is practically impossible to overdose on marijuana, while people are dying due to alcohol poisoning every week.

The IBM published a recent study which revealed the effects of drinking alcohol on the function of our brain.

“The study followed 550 men and women for 30 years, measuring their brain structure and function to determine how alcohol use affects the mind over time.

What they found is that the more people drank, the more atrophy occurred in the brain’s hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped structure in your brain that plays a role in storing memories.

The highest risk was for people who drank 17 standard drinks or more of alcohol per week. But even people who drank moderately saw an elevated risk for cognitive changes.”

This showed the negative effects of alcohol on our bodies, especially on our mental health. Even moderate amounts of alcohol affect the hippocampus and lead to issues like memory issues, slurred speech, and even blackouts.

Numerous depression cases are closely related to drinking alcohol, as people believe it would help them escape from their problems.

People who have quit drinking claim that they didn’t realize the negative effects previously, but feel clear-headed after they have decided to avoid alcohol.

Alcohol can have severe long-term effects on health, and even though society has accepted this habit, make sure you stay away from it in order to optimize overall health, and especially, the function of your brain.



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