What Anxiety Actually Is, Because It’s More than ‘Just Worrying’

Anxiety is not just worrying, dears, and we must become aware of it.

Anxiety is not being able to sleep every single night, the terrible, irrational fears that things could go in the worst possible direction, the loud negative thoughts, constant fatigue and sleep deprivation, the uncertainty whether people ignore you or the unanswered calls and texts have another explanation.

Anxious people apologize without being their fault, ruin their relationships that mean their life, jump to conclusions and do not give a chance, lack confidence and are constantly negative, worried and panicking.

Anxiety seeks for a solution for a problem that does not even exist. These people care and think too much, while the others cannot even notice it.

So, these people cannot just ‘relax’ and ‘stop worrying so much’, because they just simply are not able to. Anxious people start doubting themselves and are tortured by streams of questions like:

‘Did I lock the door before I left?’ ‘ ‘Did I turn off the stove?’

Anxious people feel bad at parties and meetings because they believe that other people stare at them all the time, and do not enjoy their company.

That is why they keep on pleasing people, strive for perfection and fear of failure. Even though they plan the thing to the smallest details, they are always convinced that they will fail.

They work too much just to be distracted and calm their worried mind. They feel a need to control things just in case something goes wrong.

Yet, anxiety never hurts other people. Anxious people are too careful and do everything to be liked and accepted. So when they find friends who are willing to help them win this battle, they are strong fighters that won’t accept failure, every single day, over and over again.

Source: theheartysoul.com


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