Dates Are The Healthiest Fruit And Also a Tasty Cure

Dates are ones of the most delicious and beneficial fruits, so they can be an incredibly healthy and tasty remedy. They regulate blood pressure, prevent cancer, strokes, treat anemia, and much more.

We give you several good reasons to start eating more dates right now!

Reduce high blood pressure

These fruits are high in calcium, and 5-6 dates provide 80 mg magnesium, which dilates the blood vessels. According to studies, the daily intake of 370 mg of magnesium lowers high blood pressure.

Support brain health

Dates are rich in phosphorus which supports the health of the brain.

Rich in iron

Dates are incredibly high in iron which prevents anemia. Namely, 100 g dates provide 0.90 g iron or 11% of the recommended daily intake. Moreover, it also improves the transfer of oxygen in the brain, so dates are excellent for pregnant women and teenagers.

Improve digestion

Dates contain much sugar which means that they can be used instead of white sugar. Yet, they are also loaded with nutrients and fibers, which help digestion.

Strengthen the heart

Dates are excellent in the case of heart diseases. You should leave them in some water to soak overnight, then blend them in the morning, and consume the smoothie.


Dates are loaded with calcium which treats diarrhea, refreshes the gut flora and support the formation of good bacteria in the stomach.


Soaking dates in water during the night stimulates the release of juices that act as laxatives, speed up metabolism and digestion, and improve intestines health.

Prevent strokes

Potassium, which is found in high amounts in dates, lowers the risk of strokes by 40%.

Eye health

Dates contain eye vitamins, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which protect the eye retina and macula, improve sight, and prevent macula damage due to aging.

Weight loss

Dates suppress appetite and contain many nutrients which help weight loss. Yet, they are also high in sugar, so remember to be careful not to exaggerate with the servings.


Improve libido

To improve your sex life and libido, you should soak several dates in goat milk overnight, and in the morning, blend them, add cardamom and honey, and eat it. This will dramatically provide more energy and strength.



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