If You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be ill-Mannered You Have To Stop Making These 5 Errors

Bad-behaved children could become every parent’s nightmare. Aside from the constant whining, temper tantrums and disobedience, children can get even strong-willed and dominating over the parents.

Since children need the parents’ control and a little discipline, these issues need to be handled as soon as possible.

This is also confirmed by Mrs. Emma Jenner, the host and behavior specialist on TLC’s “Take Home Nanny”. She considers there are a total of 5 mistakes every parent makes, and the sooner these issues are fixed, the better your children will learn.

Take a look at the top five errors every parent needs to stop making:

  1. Being scared of your children

Scenario: A child decides to drink his or her milk from a brand new cup, which forces the parents to look for a second alternative. Otherwise, the parents fear the child will stop eating and drinking altogether.

Emma believes this is a huge NO. It is not up to the child to direct and give orders. You need to let them cry it out and leave the room, but what you must never do is oblige and indulge your children’s ‘needs.’ Because, if now a cup is the issue, what will it be ten years ahead?

  1. Making excuses (“It’s just a children’s thing”)

This may be the most dangerous of all mistakes. You are not only giving your kids the thumbs up to behave anyway they want, but you’re also encouraging irresponsibility and agitation.

Children are able to do much more than they’re given credit for, so by instructing them well, they’ll achieve to much more than being left to their own devices.

Emma states you need to have certain expectations of your children, in order to set them onto the right path.

  1. You don’ let others discipline your children

Teachers, school staffers and related professionals used to teach our children manners aside from the at-home schooling.

However, given the nowadays trend where no parent would allow a teacher to discipline their child, this privilege was tripped off the parents. Given the strict policies each school has, teachers and professors have become more restricted in that area.

Therefore, we’ve become limited as far as children’s behavior is concerned outside of home. Emma says that needs to change ASAP.

  1. Children come first

This is a huge mistake every parent makes. Parents can at times become overprotective and nurturing with their kids.

However, that doesn’t work like that, and if that continues your child will certainly become needier, more codependent and spoiled.

To prevent that, you have to be the ‘baby mama’ at one point. Looking for their clothes, preparing their meals once they’ve grown enough to do so by themselves and making your children do absolutely nothing is just wrong.

In life, this will create more problems for them, given the fact they’re not used to stick up for themselves. Saying ‘No’ is one of the best things you can learn to do.

  1. Taking the easy way out

Parents find it easier to distract their children with technological devices like cell phones, tablets and video games. Although these work if your children are educating themselves on these devices, that’s hardly ever the case.

Once they’re bored, and they will be, they begin misbehaving and parents run onto the next distractions. Instead of doing this, try engaging into fun activities with your kids, and take the time to actually listen to them talk.

Strong, independent and polite children are not an illusion, but you have to put the work into it.

Source: happylifereport.com


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