Experts Warn: Brown Patches In Your Yard Could Be Hiding These Adorable Animals

We all love our perfectly organized yards and gardens. However, from time to time, you might notice dark or dry patches of grass showing up randomly across the yard.

Before you think that you do not water the area enough, let us tell you that the reasons for this are totally different. Now, wildlife protectors are suggesting you need to be very careful when handling these areas.

As they say, you’d be surprised to learn that the brownish patches of grass may actually be hiding a family of baby rabbits.

Still it is important to know that rabbits are not to be touched once you notice them.

Keep your children away from this area, too. According to Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc. the best thing to do is to leave the rabbits be just where they are. This is mainly because the mother of the rabbits is probably close by getting food, but always keeps an eye on them.

Also, keep your pets at bay when dealing with this issue.

As per Ontario Wildlife Removal Inc., “The mother rabbit will only come back once, maybe twice a day. Please just let them be.”

By allowing the rabbits to stay where they are, they are guaranteed to leave your yard in a few weeks, as soon as they grew enough.

Take a look at the video below and learn more about these wonderful animals and how to deal with this occurrence:

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