What Your Face Shape Says About Your Personality

Oval face

The forehead in these people is usually wider than their cheekbones, and these are wider than the jaw. The face is actually tapering down as you look down at it.

Individuals with oval faces pick the right words in right situations, and calm other people, making them comfortable. But, they can be too concentrated on doing the right thing, and they really care about other people’s opinion of them.


It’s also referred to as the pear face. These people have narrow foreheads and wide jaws. Experts believe that this is the rarest face shape.

These people want to be in charge of everything, and tend to be bossy. Most of them are successful.

Round face

These faces are equally wide and long, and the hairline is pretty extensive. Cheeks are the widest parts in these faces.

People with round faces are communicative, kind and generous. They always care for others, and tend to attract narcissists, usually not getting what they need in relationships. These people have to understand that they try to hard and give too much. Other people should never be a top priority.


These people have equally wide forehead, cheeks and jaw. They bony jaw makes their faces look like squares.

People with square faces are intelligent and analytical. They often work on big projects, because their stamina is super powerful


They all have a pointy chin, and their face narrows down the chin, making their forehead broad.

People with heart-shaped faces are strong from the inside, and they always accomplish their goals. But, their inner strength should not be mistaken for stamina. They are intuitive and creative. These people think they can get everything, and may be too pushy at some points.

Long faces

Their faces are elongated with prominent chins.

These people are detail oriented, and always try to do things their way. Their work is of top quality, and are often believed to be amazingly precise. They communicate well, but may be sharp with words if you step on their way.

Determine your face shape, and start from your jaw line. You can also ask someone to help you.

Source: happylifereport.com



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