The First Thing You See In This Picture Reveals Your Hidden Fear

Hidden fears can easily be exposed and laid out as a result of one simple photo.

Many people cannot even recognize their own fears and get to the point when their fears can overtake their subconscious mind. However, by giving this photo one look, you will be able to determine which your precise fears are.

  1. If you saw the little girl first…

These fears usually derive from very early on and can be both harmless and/or serious. This can also affect the state of mind a person will have later on in life.

For instance, if you have suffered plenty of uncomfortable situations in life, you are more likely to face socially awkward experiences later on.

  1. If you saw the butterfly first…

The butterfly indicates something new is on the horizon. As a result, one of your biggest fears is “missing out” on things, therefore letting go is very difficult for you.

This fear has often been associated with anxiety.

  1. If you saw the strawberry first…

Strawberries used to be related to the symbol of love, but is more precisely defined as a will to love someone. The fruit also represents Venus, the goddess of love. The fear, in this case, comes a result of holding back on love and being afraid to love and be loved as a result.

  1. If you saw the spider first…

The spider is very small in the photo, therefore it is difficult to spot altogether. If you happened to notice the spider, you have a fear of insecurity and low self-confidence. That is why safety and stability are mostly important to you.

This fear can further manifest both physically and emotionally.

  1. If you saw the trees first…

Trees are often associated with wisdom and age, so by noticing them first you are expressing the fear of getting old and dying. That is why you often keep your age a secret and just like the trees, you are standing tall against aging.

  1. If you saw the teddy bears first…

This is a clear symbol of friendship. Noticing the teddy bears means you value your friends a lot and are afraid to lose them or impair a friendship for some reason. Your friends mean the world to you and you have always found comfort in them.



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