Here Is What Happens The Moment You Stop Smoking

Over 70% of smokers want to quit smoking but do not, mostly due to the fact that it is far from easy. Yet, the improvements that start to happen the minute you stop smoking are worth it.

The most difficult part is probably to decide to quit this detrimental habit. From that moment on, you will become stronger and stronger each day.

Deciding to quit smoking isn’t easy, but these facts will prove a handy companion to remind you daily why you are choosing once and for all to stop.

You can expect these 10 health benefits to happen immediately and long-term:

-The blood pressure will normalize within 20 minutes after the last cigarette, and this will boost the blood flow and circulation to the feet and hands.

-After 8 hours, the levels of the deadly carbon monoxide gas in the bloodstream will be reduced by half, and oxygen will be able to clear out irritants and dangerous bacteria.

-You will significantly lower the risk of a heart attack after only 48 hours after smoking. The body would have eliminated nicotine completely, and your sense of taste and smell will improve.

-The bronchial tubes will become relaxed and you will start breathing easily after 3 days from the last cigarette. Moreover, your body will be full of energy.

-Between 2 weeks and 2 months, your lung function will be boosted by 30% and you will walk much easier as the circulation will be significantly improved.

-Within the period of 3 to 9 months, you will have no more issues with congestion, coughs, and respiratory issues. The lungs will be free of infections and bacteria, and the bronchial tubes will have regained their ability to remove excess mucus.

-After a year, your risk of a heart attack will be reduced by half, and you will be as energetic as a non-smoker.

-After five years, you will have lowered the risk of stroke to that of a non-smoker.

-After 10 years, you will lower the risk of lung cancer to that of a non-smoker, and you will have completely reversed the lung damage. Your system would be free of all chemicals found in tobacco.

-After 15 years of not-smoking, you will be at the same risk of a heart attack as people who have never smoked. Your body will be cleaned from the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine.

This is extremely promising, isn’t it? Well, even though you smoke, you can actually turn into “never a smoker”! Isn’t that amazing?

All you have to do is to start- right now!



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