Japan Has a 66% Lower Breast Cancer Rate Than The U.S. – This Is The Nutrient Missing From Our Diet

All cancer types, including breast cancer, can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management, and avoidance of environmental toxins.

Mammograms are regarded to be a potent way to prevent breast cancer, but the radiation they emit actually stimulates the development of breast cancer cells. This means that instead of preventing, mammograms actually cause over-diagnosis and overtreatment.

Studies have shown that Japanese women have a 66% lower cancer rate than the American, and researchers link this with the deficiency of one important nutrient in our diet- iodine.

The US Dietary Reference Intake for iodine is estimated to 150 micrograms in the United States, and it is even 25 times higher in Japan.

Iodine is rarely consumed in the Western diet, and its main source is salt, as producers are obliged by the government to add iodine to salt in order to prevent goiter.

However, women avoid salt and they, therefore, lack it in their bodies. Moreover, environmental toxins bind to cell receptors for iodine, close them down, and the body is not longer able to absorb it.

Iodine is primarily related to the thyroid gland, its reserves are more concentrated in the breast, so it is vital for women.

It is also beneficial for the development of the brain in babies, so the mother must have it in enough amounts in her own body in order to be sure that the baby is getting sufficient iodine.

The lack of iodine leads to breast cancer and other health issues in women. Namely, it triggers the production of estrogen, which raises the risk of developing reproductive cancers and breast cancer.

If iodine is low in the body, it raises the estrogen sensitivity in the breasts, producing a perfect environment for the development of breast cancer.

According to Dr. Bernard Eskin, a pioneer in iodine research, the iodine deficiency in the breast tissue causes pre-cancerous alterations, so if one manages to increase its amounts, cancer will be reversed.

Lab studies showed that iodine can stimulate apoptosis and inhibited tumor growth, while not affecting normal cells.

Iodine in nature

Our body is not designed to produce it, so you need to consume foods that contain iodine in order to enjoy its benefits. This means that you should increase the intake of eggs, lobster, tuna, cranberries, whole potatoes, navy beans, shrimps, and salmon.

Also, seaweed is a basic ingredient in Japanese dishes, which is abundant in iodine. According to a recent Japanese study, seaweed has 10 times more iodine than fluorouracil, a common chemo drug, and it effectively fights breast cancer.

You can purchase dried seaweed in Asian supermarkets and large chain markets, and add it to beans, stews, and soups.

Source: besthealthyguide.com


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