Once You Learn This Bedtime Technique, You’ll Be Able to Fall Asleep In Minutes

Do you struggle to fall asleep every night? Does the lack of sleep affect your everyday life? Well, we have the magic you need!

Today, we reveal a technique which will help you fall asleep in minutes.

Sleep is crucial for our overall health, as it is the time when our body repairs and recovers the damage done the previous day. Sleep deficiency causes various health issues, like hormonal imbalances, inability to focus, concentration issues, poor memory, low energy, etc.

Now, it is time to stop losing this precious time and start getting at least 8 hours of deep sleep!

Here is what to do:

  1. Preparation

Find your most comfortable position, maximize your comfort, and prepare.

  1. Feel the body

Focus on the flow of air going in and out of the body while taking 3 deep breaths. Think about the way the air goes through your nose, all the way to the stomach and goes out through the mouth.

  1. Relax

You should now focus on each body part individually for a few seconds, to scan the entire body and allow it to calm and relax.

  1. Repeat

Repeat another loop after the first one. Repeat from the head to the toes. If you have forgotten a body part, tense it initially, and then relax it. Repeat a few times to boost the mind-muscle connection, and calm the body with ease.

You need to start breathing deeply whenever this becomes frustrating, to relax and start over. Try the method for a week, and the more you practice, the less time you will need to fall asleep!

It really works!

Source: fitlife.tv


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