Man Made His Wife Choose Between Her Rescue Dogs And Him – She Picked The Dogs

Liz Haslam kept her 30 dogs instead of saving her marriage, and the shocking decision left her living in a tent.

Some people love their dogs so much that they would rather keep their pets than stay married. The story of Liz Haslam is the best proof of this unconditional love.

Liz and her husband Mike had been together since high school. But, Liz chose her rescue dogs over her high school sweetheart and she didn’t even think of changing her mind.

The couple got married after graduation. They lived in a house in the countryside in Barnham, Suffolk, United Kingdom. Liz and Mike had one child together and lived in the same house for 25 years.

One day, the 25-year fairytale was brought to an end. Liz really loved dogs, and West Highland Terriers were her favorite. Her mother had raised this breed and her father owned an animal feed company. Liz’s home had enough space for a lot of dogs, so she opened a business called Beds for Bullies. The caring woman provided shelter for bull terriers in need.

Mike didn’t like the fact that his family life revolved around Liz’s bull terriers. Most of the dogs needed constant care due to their medical issues. Finding a home for them all was almost impossible.

Liz had to make a decision. Mike made her choose between him and the dogs.

“I thought that, after 25 years, he should’ve known that giving up dogs was not a part of my intentions, not at all,” Liz said. “He knew from the moment we got married what I was all about. I don’t know what he expected.”

Mike was really busy with work, and Liz really missed his love and attention. The rescue dogs became her best friends.

Animal shelters

Animal shelters provide much more than temporary homes to rescue animals. The shelter animals and seek homes. They also reunite lost pets with their owners. Some shelters even provide medical health and training. Experts evaluate the behavior of animals and test their temper.


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Shelters are structured in three ways

  1. Municipal animal control is run by the mayor or the government. They are open-access and receive pretty much every animal that arrives at their door. Some of the animals have to be euthanized to make enough space for other dogs.
  2. Non-profit agencies are regulated by a board of directors.
  3. Private non-profit agencies have contracts with the government which grants them permission to provide animal control services. They receive donations and grants to provide services. Unlike municipal animal control, these shelters can turn animals away. They set up foster care programs to increase the number of rescues they accept.

The Humane Society of the United States reveals that about 6-8 million pets end up in shelters all across the country. Believe it or not, 50% of all dogs have to be euthanized.

Open-access or “kill” shelters have a bad reputation for euthanizing half of their animals. Truth is, euthanizing an animal is not easy, and it’s never taken lightly. These shelters are underfunded and don’t have enough space for all the animals left at the front door.


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Beds for Bullies

Liz has about 30 dogs on her property. They need care, medication, and attention. Liz spends up to 18 hours a day at the shelter and invests thousands of dollars into medical care for her pups. At one point, she had to live in a tent because she couldn’t pay her rent and bills.

“I’ve chosen to do this, and I love it,” Liz said.

She made the right choice and doesn’t regret her decision to keep the dogs instead of Mike’s attention. “My passion for dogs was too huge for Mike,” Liz added.



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