This Man Travels All Around The World To Show Strangers 1 Dance. Puts It All Together For Amazing Dance Video

Dance is the most pure form of art. At times words can fail us, music can become overbearing, but a simple dance can touch the human soul like nothing else, really.

That is why Matt Bray engaged into creating a wonderful project that shows how dancing can connect people across the world in an extraordinary unity.

What he did was to take off on a 10,000-mile-long road trip. His project was named ProjectOneLife and it was broadcasted on his YouTube channel.

In just two mere months, Matt taught his routine to “Gone” by JR JR to more than 100 people.

He visited both urban and rural areas and attended music festivals and other events. The goal was to engage as many people as possible.

The dancers recorded themselves performing the choreography and Matt had only the job of creating a wonderful collage of everyone involved.

The smiles, the sincerity in the dance itself and the joy on people’s faces is simply priceless.

It is exceptional to see how seemingly small movements can go such a long way, and how strangers can become friends by this essential connection.

In the video below, you can take a look at Matt’s final project.




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