Mom Leaves 6-Year-Old Alone With Newborn Baby…What Happens Next Is Going Viral

A new baby in your household has its own challenges. Suddenly, the only child thus far is getting a sibling and a mother’s fear of jealousy and envy becomes the primary concern.

Also, the house adaptations for the new baby are taken to a whole new level. Still, a parents’ worry is how the two siblings will get along and accept one another?

One mom experienced exactly that, so when she walked into a room to see how things were going between her little ones, she saw her six-year-old child gently embracing the new addition.

Even more, her older son was singing “No One Like You” by John Denver and rocked the baby carefully. It had to be one of the most adorable moments a mother can witness!

“I like your eyes. I like your nose. I like your mouth, your ear, your hand, your toes,” he sang.

The child spotted his mother soon after, but carried on with the singing like it was the most natural feeling ever.

“There’s no one, no one exactly like you,” he sang to his brother.

That cleared every doubt his mother ever had that the two would not get along well. There is rarely a bond as strong as the one between two siblings, and this story not just proved it but melted our hearts as well!



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