New Study: People Who Swear, Stay Up Late, and Are Messy are More Intelligent

If you are messy, go to bed late, have a dirty mouth, you surely have been the target of criticism, either from your parents, roommates, or partners.

However, apparently, these facts do not speak badly about you; in fact, they indicate superior intelligence!

Staying Up Late is an Evolutionary Sign of Intelligence

We are no longer dependent on fire as our ancestors, who could do nothing in the dark, so we started altering the traditional sleeping patterns and the circadian rhythms.

The invention of fire and light sources made a revolution in the human lifestyles. Now, scientists believe that people who stay up long after dark are more intelligent than others, adding that smart people actually sleep less.

This was proven by the analysis of a large group of young Americans and their sleep habits.

Results showed that subjects with a childhood IQ of less than 75 typically went to bed much earlier than those with a childhood IQ of at least 125. Yet, remember that your brain and your entire body needs a regular sleep pattern and 6-8 hours of high-quality sleep every night.

Profanity is linked to Higher IQ Scores

Science has found that cursing is not a sign of a lack of intelligence, as swear word fluency is correlated to general word fluency, and people who easily sputter out a greater number of profanities in a minute have higher IQ scores.

Similarly, people who enjoy some good old-fashioned vulgar humor along with their curse words, with the exception of female-sex-related slurs, have higher IQ scores.

Geniuses Have Messier Desks

More intelligent people spend less time cleaning and organizing their space, simply due to the fact that their minds are focused on other thoughts and ideas. Creative work environments are often messy, and stimulate new and fresh solutions, instead of the traditional ones.

Furthermore, researchers have shown that intelligent people easily get bored and are thus less active and inherently lazy.

The good news is that, if you spend your nights with your eyes wide open, your room is always in a mess, and you swear like a tracker, you, my dear, are probably a genius!

University of Minnesota


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