Not A Single Person Has Even Asked About This Heartbroken Shelter Dog

Shelter animals often carry heart-breaking stories along with their gentle, vulnerable face expressions. This particular story involves a dog no one yet showed interest in adopting.

“I call him the invisible dog,” says Hempstead Town Animal Shelter volunteer Barbara Trevouledes of 4-year-old shelter dog Mikey, “Not one person—not one—has even asked about him.”

The first time the staff met Mikey was after he was brought in as a stray dog along with his sister. This was almost a year ago.

Because his sister was more miniature in built, she was immediately put up for adoption and chosen by a wonderful family. As a result, her brother suffered a terrible nostalgia and simply gave up his willingness to move on.

“Mikey just shut down,” Barbara explained.

Shelters are usually traumatic experiences for newcomers, and such was the case with Mikey as well. The first weeks of his new life were spent on endless sleeping and hopelessness that someone would take interest in him.

The volunteers did their best to aid the devastated pup, and spent hours encouraging him to relax and adapt to the new surroundings.

After some time passed, the day came when Mikey finally acknowledged Barbara’s presence and looked her in the eyes, almost saying, “I’m so happy you’re here.”


“My heart burst,” Barbara pointed out. She thought this was actually too good to be true.

Mikey now jumps up for joy every time he hears Barbara enter the facility, looking forward to spending quality time with her.

Even more so, he is actually being playful and finally showing his upbeat personality. In fact, he takes joy in belly rubs and kissing Barbara every chance he gets.

Still, Mikey does not belong at the shelter, and this is far from the ideal solution for him. The saddest part is that no family expressed interest in taking him home and making him their own.

One day, Barbara found Mikey shivering and shaking, which for him was quite unusual.

“It wasn’t because he was cold,” she says. “It’s because he’s aching for a home. His body can’t handle the anxiety.”

“He’s giving up,” Barbara opened up. Emotions became overbearing, causing her to drop a few tears while speaking.

The way Mikey is affected by stress is becoming more alarming for the volunteers, who are doing their best to keep him in good spirits.

Barbara carried on by saying, “Nobody ever came looking for him.”

Mikey is nothing short of a loving and devoted dog that is looking forward to finding a great home, but the odds are not playing in his favor at the moment.

Barbara shares that the way Mikey can express love, “Is the best feeling in the world.”

If you might know someone who’d be interested in adopting this amazing, loving puppy, please contact the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter at (516) 785-5220 or via email at

If adopted, the shelter is willing to offer free transportation.



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