The Painkilling Cayenne Cream Recipe That Anyone With Stiff Joints or Sore Muscles Needs to Try

If you suffer from stiff joints and sore muscles, you will simply adore the following homemade muscle rub, which is completely natural and chemical-free.

Its main ingredient is cayenne pepper, and it is really easy to prepare!

One of the active compounds of cayenne pepper, capsaicin, stimulates the release of the “substance P” in the body, from the nerve cells and the inflammatory cells of the immune system.

This substance helps the body to perceive pain and triggers the release of various cytokines to induce a healthy inflammatory response.

Moreover, cayenne pepper dilates blood vessels, and thus helps more anti-inflammatory cells to reach the affected area. The repeated use of cayenne will boost the release of the substance P and it will be subsequently depleted, so the threshold of pain in that area increases, leading to pain desensitization.

As soon as the intensity of the pain is reduced, you will be able to do the needed movements that will additionally boost the healing of the body, like stretching, walking, swimming, exercises or physical therapy.

Yet, despite cayenne pepper, this rub contains other beneficial ingredients as well:

Ginger- This spice has been commonly used in the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for millennia, due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and warming properties. It will stimulate blood flow so that new immune cells can come to the affected area.

Turmeric- This is another popular and old natural spice, which provides strong anti-inflammatory and healing effects. It reduces swelling and controls the body’s inflammation, which is beneficial for the healing process.

Coconut oil- This nourishing oil relieves pain, fights inflammation, and has antimicrobial qualities.

Peppermint Essential Oil- It contains menthol, which relieves pain and relaxes the muscles. This oil cools the affected area and soothes it just like ice.  It is added to maintain a balance with ginger since it constricts the muscles and moves the blood along to eliminate waste.

Raw cocoa butter- It is loaded with antioxidants and nourishes the skin.

Here is how to use this powerful combination and prepare the cayenne pepper cream for muscle and joint pain:


  • 2 teaspoons organic Cayenne powder
  • 1 teaspoon organic Ginger powder
  • 1 teaspoon organic Turmeric powder
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup beeswax (grated)
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • ¼ cup raw cocoa butter
  • 4 oz. glass jar


In a Pyrex container, mix the coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax, and place it into a saucepan with 2-3 inches of water. Bring it to simmer, stirring continually, and when the mixture is completely melted, add the cayenne, turmeric and ginger powder. Stir for a minute.

Then, remove from heat, add the peppermint essential oil, and store the rub in a glass jar. Leave it to cool, and then close it with a lid.

Since this rub is entirely natural and does not contain any preservatives, keep it in the fridge for up to 6-8 weeks.

Use it liberally on the painful areas, and wash the hands after application, as the cayenne and peppermint oil are too strong for the skin, and turmeric might leave yellow stains on the skin.

Additional tips

Apart from using this natural rub, you should also:

Rest the area- Rest is essential for the healing process of the painful joints and muscles.

Drink plenty of water- Water carries the blood around the body, and the immune cells in it reduce inflammation. You should drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water every day.

Take Turmeric capsules for arthritis pain reduction and healing- Studies have shown that the daily intake of 1500mg of turmeric capsules provides the same effects in treating pain due to knee osteoarthritis as NSAIDS, but without their adverse effects.



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