Relationship Experts Reveal 8 Things To Never Post On Social Media

The world of today is solely based on social media platforms. Interestingly enough, this has become the leading technique to connect with others, learn and maintain relationships.

However, social media platforms have become highly abused and misused as a result of overly shared content.

People don’t seem to know where limits of posting stand, which causes a problem, since everyone basically knows everything about people around him. Keep in mind that certain aspects of your life are not for everyone to see.

Are you struggling with what to post and what not to share?

Take a look at these top 8 things that shouldn’t make it on your social media profiles:

  1. Your intimate life is yours alone to see

Many people feel comfortable enough to discuss their private matters, especially heir sexual experiences on social media, which is an appalling thing to have in mind.

Think that while people may be curious about what is happening behind closed doors, this aspect of your life should remain as private as possible.

  1. Personal details about your significant other

Clinical sexologist and relationship expert Dawn Michael, PhD, states “You can post things that are personal about you if you want, but don’t post things that are personal about your significant other because it becomes an invasion of their privacy.”

Some individuals have no desire to share their personal information or experiences on social media, which something you need to be respectful of. This includes everything from personal photos, everyday habits and activities and even cute (for some) sleeping snaps.

Before posting anything about your partner, it would be wise to consult them first.

  1. Arguments are not to be publicized

It is okay to feel frustrated at times, but sharing personal arguments with other entities is going one step over the line. As Michael states, “Never put your significant other down on social media, or talk about a fight that the two of you had or are having.

When that argument is over, you may seriously regret saying anything because now people are going to have a negative impression of your partner.”

It is totally unnecessary and uncalled for to share personal details about your latest argument you’re your partner, parent or friend. These matters need to be resolved internally, so it is recommended you find a balance that won’t ever put anyone else on the spot.

  1. Posting photos of your partner without their consent

Even though we all appreciate good spontaneous photo, there is no need to share each and every aspect of your partner’s life, including them going to the shower, training, eating, sleeping or even dressing up.

Again, these are boundaries you need to discuss with your significant other prior to posting them on social media.

  1. Don’t mock your partner online

Marriage and family therapist Aaron Anderson writes, “When you bring funny things your spouse did up in the right circles, there’s no harm done.

But when you post their screw-ups on social media, there’s no context behind it and there’s no filter for what crowd they get shared with. Regardless of how cute you thought it was, your spouse may not want your mother or your college ex to know about it.”

There is no guarantee that anyone would understand your and your partner’s inside jokes or inappropriate sense of humor, but there is a great chance someone could misinterpret them if posted.

  1. Don’t complain about your partner

We cannot emphasize enough just how private your personal life should be. While it is okay to post a song or photo that perfectly describes your mood, dragging your partner through the mud is not cool…ever.

Don’t for one second believe that anyone would either side with you just because you decided to play the victim role.

  1. Don’t ask approval of others

Even though people in general prefer to be liked, there is no need for you to post content just so you grab someone’s appreciation or attention.

Your personal preferences and likes or dislikes are what matters the most, so you need to learn how to only cherish your own opinion instead that of people around you.

  1. Don’t trash your partner’s ex

Your partner’s previous relationship is none of your concern, and it is highly inappropriate and rude for you to even try and meddle in it.

According to relationship expert Neely Steinberg, “It may be tempting to comment on your partner’s ex — especially if he or she is meddling in your relationship — but airing your grievances on social media is just passive aggressive. Keep these matters between the two of you; your 1000 friends don’t need to know.”

Your partner is responsible for the people they’ve dated, but that doesn’t mean that you have the right to go on social media and make a full-on drama of it.

As a conclusion, social media are supposed to be a fun and creative way of expressing yourselves. Anything else out of those categories is a huge No. Let’s do this the right way people!



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