Research Reveals What Your Cravings Have To Say About Your Health

Foods cravings complicate the lives of many of us on a daily basis! I often ask myself why can’t I crave for some healthy food, like a fruit or a vegetable.

Apparently, there is a deeper reason for it, and targeting the trigger might help you prevent the food cravings. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, food cravings are a clear sign of the lack of energy in some part in the body.

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  1. Craving Spicy?

Spicy foods, in fact, eliminate pathogens from the body, which lead to illness. The cravings for such foods are related to the Metal energy and the lungs, according to the traditional Chinese medicine, and indicate that you need to boost the immune system.

Therefore, increase the intake of ginger, garlic, peppers, and green onion.

  1. Craving Bitter?

Bitter food cravings are related to the Fire element, or the heart energy, in the traditional Chinese medicine.

These foods dispel heat from the body, which is beneficial in the case of insomnia, anxiety, anger, and emotional instability. Hence, if you crave for bitter foods, feel free to enjoy them as much as you like!

  1. Craving Salty?

The traditional Chinese medicine believed that the taste of salt corresponds to the water element and kidney energy, and salt cravings are a result of the low energy flow to the kidneys or stress.

Yet, the body actually does not need salt, and its consumption in the case of kidney issues might lead to joint pain, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Therefore, in these cases, avoid salt, reduce stress, and consume more walnuts, black beans, goji berries, and seaweed.

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