They Say The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger. Mine’s Scary True!

Did you know that a person’s character can be easily determined by solely looking at their finger shape?

This is one of the most interestingly accurate ways to know how the person you’re talking to or getting to know works on ‘the inside.’ There are a total of three types of finger shapes and if you’re interested to know how everything is analyzed, keep on reading:


  • You are distant and closed up, bottling up feelings and refusing to share. This gives you a self-confidence that isn’t actually as strong as it seems.
  • You are highly emotional and once being close enough to someone you can relax.
  • You hate lying, double standards and deceits.
  • You can hide away emotions and present yourself as strong and untouchable.
  • You can be a little arrogant and eccentric at times, showing zero tolerance.
  • You actually have a heart of gold and are very into helping others. You will see every task through, no matter if you care for it or not.
  • You enjoy smiling and being entertained.
  • You can distance yourself from people you don’t think deserve your attention, and you tend to stick to your chosen friends and family only.


  • You are not an action taker or an initiator.
  • You praise yourself on being loyal and devoted. This is especially true in your romantic relationships.
  • You are deeply sensitive, but demonstrate another face for the public. You hate seeing someone hurt, so you avoid hurting people’s feelings.
  • You are devoted and persistent once you want to accomplish something.
  • You’re often afraid you’ll get emotionally hurt. You know there is a soul mate for you out there, even though you seem uninterested in any of that in front of others.
  • You don’t have an explosive temper and can remain calm even in the worst situation.


  • You can get over upsetting scenarios pretty quickly and never hold a grudge towards anyone.
  • You like certainty and comfort. Anything knew can become a little too stressful for you.
  • You always value other people’s opinions and beliefs.
  • You can be demanding or bossy due to the buildup ego you have. However, you don’t have a problem with apologizing if you take it too far at times.
  • You can analyze your feelings with anyone and name a problem once you’ve spotted it.
  • You are direct and certain of your likes and dislikes, which you lay out openly. You take pride in people confiding in you and asking your advice.



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