The Strongest Natural Painkiller That Grows Everywhere, Including Your Backyard

Painkillers tend to treat the symptoms of the issue, while natural remedies improve the healing process.

Therefore, it is always a better option to try to treat your health problems naturally, as natural remedies address the root of the ailment and do not cause any side-effects.

When it comes to treating pain, opioids treat pain by altering the way the brain functions. The prolonged use of these medications increases the risk of overdose, ulcers, and addiction. Furthermore, they led to memory loss and they damage the brain in order to soothe the pain.

On the other hand, wild lettuce, or Lactuca virosa, is a powerful herbal remedy which provides numerous health benefits. It grows in North America and England and has powerful sedative and pain-relieving properties.

As a natural sedative, it can be used in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, and spasms. It relaxes the nervous system and the muscles, so it is beneficial in the case of:

  • Insomnia
  • Cramps and spasms
  • Restlessness
  • Stress-induced indigestion
  • Coughs (by relaxing the respiratory system)

You should regularly drink tea of this herb in order to reap these benefits.

Pain Relief

Wild lettuce effectively treats menstrual cramps, muscle pain, and irritations of other tissues. It has the numbing effects of opiates, due to which it is also known as opium lettuce, but it is safe and not addictive.

This herb is also a powerful antiseptic.

How to Use

This plant is biennial, which means that looks differently depending on the season, either with mature leaves only, or it might have yellow flowers.

To enjoy its medicinal properties, you should use its dried leaves, plucked in July and August. Moreover, you can also take it in the form of supplements and dried versions of the herb.

The safe dose is a 2-4ml tincture about three times daily. Another way to use it is to steep 1-2 teaspoons of the dried leaves in boiling water for 10-15 minutes, and drink it 3 times daily.

If you use it topically, make sure you do a small patch test before use, in order to prevent irritations. Moreover, avoid using wild lettuce if you have glaucoma, enlarged prostate, if you are pregnant, in case you have a scheduled surgery, or if you are allergic to ragweed and similar plants.

This plant is one of the most effective natural ways to numb the pain in a safe way, so if you do not have it in your yard, make sure you always have it in your medicine cabinet.



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