Use This Technique Once a Day to Help Drain Your Lymph Glands and Remove Toxins

People have used exfoliation for many years, but mostly as a beauty treatment. However, this practice offers incredible benefits for our health as well.

Exfoliation is the elimination of the oldest dead and flaky skin cells from the skin surface in order to help the skin to breathe and open the clogged pores, by gentle abrasion.

The skin is the largest body organ, so it is crucial for detoxification of the body.

First of all, exfoliation is tied to beauty, as it reveals a healthy and glowing complexion when the pores are clean and the skin is plump. Yet, it also boosts blood flow and circulation to the surrounding tissues, stimulates the skin, and thus supports the function of the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is essential in the process of waste disposal, and removes cellular wastes, or detoxifies the body.  Therefore, when it is stimulated, it protects against stagnation and buildup of wastes, thus prevents inflammation and illnesses.

These are the best ways to exfoliate your skin:

  1. Towel Scrub

This method is used by people who follow the practices of macrobiotics, and it requires a towel and hot water. Before bathing, dip a cotton towel or washcloth in hot water,  wring it out, and start scrubbing the body in circular motions, down to the feet.

You should rinse the towel from time to time to reheat it, and thus open the pores, and repeat.

This detox method will open pores, releases accumulated toxins softens deposits of hard fat below the skin and stimulates the release of excess fat, mucus, cellulite, and toxins.

  1. Dry Brushing

Dry brushing requires a few minutes of your time and only one simple tool but effectively helps the movement of the lymphatic system. Start brushing upward in circular motions, from the feet to the legs and groin, from fingers up the arms to shoulders, towards the heart.

Next, brush the area of the chest, back, and stomach, but avoid the face, as this technique might be too harsh for it.

The benefits of these methods are felt immediately!



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