The Veggie That Lower Cholesterol, Reduces Inflammation and Improves Joint Health

Celery is an incredibly healthy veggie, which offers numerous health benefits, as it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which help you prevent cancer, treat joint pain, soothe inflammation, and much more.

We give you 10 great reasons to start eating celery regularly:

  1. Celery Promotes Joint Health

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of celery soothe numerous kinds of inflammatory conditions, like gout and arthritis. A glass of it juice consumed on a daily basis treats the pain and swelling due to these conditions.

  1. Celery helps Digestion

Celery is high in fiber and water and thus treats constipation, and help digestion.

3. Celery treats Inflammation

Since it is a potent natural anti-inflammatory due to the high luteolin content, which is a beneficial phytochemical, it soothes inflammation in many body parts, including the brain.

4. Celery Treats Bladder Infections

It is also a powerful natural diuretic, which will help you help digestion, eliminate gallstones, and treat bladder infections.

5. Celery regulates Blood Pressure

Celery regulates blood pressure due to the high potassium amounts. Also, it is rich in phthalides which relax the muscles around the arteries, and thus help blood vessels dilate, and lower blood pressure.

 6. Celery eliminates Bad Breath

The main culprit for the bad breath is bacteria, and celery will help you fight it and freshen your breath!

 7. Celery reduces Stress

Celery is abundant in magnesium, which calms the nervous system, helps you fall asleep, and treats anxiety and stress.

8. Celery Reduces Cholesterol

The phthalides in celery stimulate the production of bile acids, which reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, you can significantly lower bad cholesterol if you consume 2 sticks daily.

     9. Celery helps Weight Loss

Celery is extremely high in fiber, and too low in celery, as a stalk contains 15 calories only. This veggie will keep you full, and help you lose extra weight.

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